Using Mobile SEO? 3 Tips for Success

Mobile SEO is an essential part of any business today and likely won’t go anywhere in the future. In fact, mobile SEO has grown considerably in recent years and will likely continue to do so for many years to come. If this is something you use for your business in particular, then the tips below can help lead you to success.

1. Keep Up With Google Requirements

Google regularly updates its requirements for SEO, which are important to keep up with. Some of the mobile requirements right now include: adding markup language and structured data, publishing content regularly, making site user-friendly for mobile without full-size popups.

2. Establish Mobile Keywords

Do you know which keywords your client base uses when they search content related to your business? Since most people search differently when they’re on mobile versus when they’re on a desktop, it’s important to pay attention to the search terms that you use on your site. With these keywords incorporated into your site, you’ll be more likely to see more traffic come through and can offer your audience more useful content as well.

3. Regularly Update

In order to take advantage of all that mobile SEO can offer, it’s important to regularly update your technology. This means making apps, having a user-friendly mobile site, or even offering mobile pay for convenience. With more people using mobile to search than ever before, you don’t want to focus solely on your desktop site.

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