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Can Bing Compete With Google?

We all know that Google is the dominant website in search. The real question, will Bing ever be able to compete with them for top SEO strategies and placement? Although Google did have a head start on Bing they do seem to have better algorithm and better search results with more useful information. Numbers alone show people trust Google more for PPC campaigns than Bing. Last year Google made 37 billion dollars where Bing only made 1 Million in PPC campaigns alone. Because Google is more reliable, and delivers more relevant and popular search results, they end up having a
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Bing Tests Out A New Google Esque Local Search Results

Bing is now testing out a new local search results layout similar to that of Google’s. Before they adopted this new technique they would just display results in a “pack” type formation. With the new results Bing displays a mix of local results rather than businesses listings and map at the top of the page, above all of the regular organic links. The new format will potentially show:   Listings appearing anywhere in the search results, not just at the top of the page. The map appears with the pack in this display. The old “pack” layout may also be replaced
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