Google Launches The New Penguin Update

Basically Google’s web spam team has announced that Google has been working on an algorithm update that will make it so that sites that don’t participate in over optimization will be on the same level as one’s that do. Google has launched this update to ensure that websites that use “white hat SEO” stay up and about for following Google guidelines. On the other hand, this new update will make it so that websites that have “black hat SEO” which is over optimization with keyword stuffing and link schemes be completely dropped and removed from Google for not following guidelines.  Google’s main goal is to basically help searchers find websites that provide a great user experience and have information to fulfill needs. E-Driven Concepts always uses white hat SEO and provides all clients with non-spam websites filled with useful information to create a great user experience. E-Driven Concepts strives to always provide quality website and SEO services that abide by Google regulations.

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