Drive Marketing Further: New Google Maps Apps You Must Know About

Virtually every company in the world needs to do marketing in order to attract new customers, keep current customers, and even re-gain attention from past customers. While there are many tools that can help with this, Google is perhaps one of the most useful. Google Maps is looking to change the marketing game as well, with four new features every company will enjoy using.

1. Color Identified Features

To help make it easier for users to find what they want on a map, Google is currently working on a new color scheme. This will make parks, lakes, and other natural areas blue and green. Hospitals, freeways, and other similar features will be orange and yellow. If you are a business that has done SEO to be more easily found, then your color will be orange.

2. User-Friendly Edits

Visitors to your business will soon be able to suggest edits, upload photos, and add labels to help others more easily identify what they can expect. The changes they suggest can easily help make your business more visible to potential customers.

3. PPC Ads Based on Location

By using location history, Google will be able to encourage PPC ads to customers more easily. Being able to do this will prove just how effective AdWords can be for engaging customers.

4. Targeted Entertainment Areas

Another excellent feature is where the map shows users shaded areas where they’ll find hotels, music venues, bars, and other areas with things to do in them. Shaded in orange, these will pop up when the user zooms in on a city. This will help make it easier for tourists as well as locals to find things to do, rather than knowing what they already want to do.

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