Can Bing Compete With Google?

We all know that Google is the dominant website in search. The real question, will Bing ever be able to compete with them for top SEO strategies and placement?

Although Google did have a head start on Bing they do seem to have better algorithm and better search results with more useful information. Numbers alone show people trust Google more for PPC campaigns than Bing. Last year Google made 37 billion dollars where Bing only made 1 Million in PPC campaigns alone.

Because Google is more reliable, and delivers more relevant and popular search results, they end up having a larger share of the search market and more ad revenue. Although Bing has recently teamed up with Facebook to provide services where you can share search results with friends while chatting with them it seems as if though it might not be useful to someone with serious internet searches.

1 Big difference between Google and Bing is that to differentiate from Google Bing Decided to provide search results not only specific to what you searched but also add relevant keywords to the search. the problem with this is that someone searching for something specific might end up with results completely irrelevant to what they are looking for. This type of search can lead to poor SEO placement and poor PPC campaigns. Google has very specific search providing relevant results every time.

At E-Driven Concepts  we strive to provide our customers with the most up to date services. We will always optimize our users on the most relevant search platforms. Two of these platforms include Google and Bing with and Large emphasis on Google.  With Google being the most used search engine, we want to make sure our customers are always search friendly and placing on there first. We are always doing research to ensure all E-Driven Concepts  customers receive the most fruitful search results.


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